Cannelloni of duck foie gras in the Penedès and truffle cream

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Penedès duck cannelloni and fatty liver with truffle cream from the Vell Papiol Essentials range.

Format: Container of 4 units with its cream (Fresh product. Without au gratin)

Storage and consumption: Fresh: Between 2-6ºC Maximum consumption 4 days after delivery.


Oven: Heat in the oven with the same aluminum pan for 10 minutes at 160 ° C until the cream starts to boil. Bake for 4 minutes in the same oven

Microwave: Remove from aluminum and transfer to a microwave-safe dish. Heat 800 Watts for 4 minutes. Gratinate for 4 minutes in the same microwave with grill option if available

Ingredients: Penedès duck, onion, leek, garlic, shallots, fatty liver, cannelloni pasta with gluten, truffle, sour cream, poultry broth (carcasses and bones of duck and poultry, leek, carrot, onion , parsley), cornmeal, salt, pepper, nutmeg

Allergens: Contains gluten, lactose, celery


Restaurant Vell Papiol, Carrer de Vilamar, Calafell, Espanya
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Restaurant Vell Papiol, Carrer de Vilamar, Calafell, Espanya


Restaurant Vell Papiol

Family restaurant on the beach of Calafell since 1952. We comply with current regulations for your safety. We have a terrace for when the weather conditions allow it. We have a la carte dishes and takeaway menus and home delivery € 4 per order. We have the Vell Papiol Essentials range dedicated to fumet, sauces and dishes to enjoy at home when you want. You will find all our information in our online store.

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