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From the authors of Verbàlia and Enigmàrius, comes a new collection of games: Vuitquatre, Vuitdeu, Sisset and Setsis. The Siset (also known as Cinquillo, Sevens or so many other names) is a traditional card game. Easy to play, ideal for family evenings.

This new Linguistic Sisset takes advantage of the arrangement of the letters in columns that lengthen. Sisset is an exquisite double-cooking game. He wants slow fire as players grow columns of cards in the chup-chup, letter by letter.

But when someone expresses the desire to take a column to the plate, the stove goes to full throttle and the rest of the diners can try to add one more letter to the fire so that that word is sudden and the rival comes out well scalded. Eat it preferably before the onset of boredom.


Carrer de Vilamar, 44, Calafell, Espanya
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Carrer de Vilamar, 44, Calafell, Espanya


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